Leather is definitely a big trend in the fashion world at the moment, and I’ve seen leather collar necklaces floating around like crazy lately. I first spotted one in stores in a Victoria Boutique, Rebel Rebel (aka Reunion), for about $45. Which, for genuine leather aint bad, but it aint cheap either. It looks similar to the one below.

So, while walking around downtown Victoria, I figured I could easily make one of these necklaces myself! And low and behold, this blog post was born!

Step one: the supplies. I used, scrap leather that I bought from leather world found on Yates and government (for those living in Victoria, BC) for $3.00. Next, just up the street on Yates, is bead world where I bought some jump rings for $2.95 (these will be used to connect your chain to the leather). I’m reusing an old chain from an old necklace I don’t wear anymore. Make sure you also have a pair of scissors, pliers, a white pencil and a hold puncher (or something sharp to create a hole, I, for instance could only find my exacto-knife).

Step two: Cut the leather. Use the white pencil to draw out your shapes. I actually traced a collar on of my button up shirts, but I’m sure goolge would be able to find you some templates if you need it. And then just cut them out!

Step three: Connecting the jump ring to the leather. You’re going to need to connect 2 jump rings to each piece of leather. One on either end. Use your hole puncher to make a hole, and the pliers to open and tighten the jump rings.

Step four: Connect your pieces! When you have all the jump rings through each hole, connect the middle two together to bring your collar together. Like so.

Step Five: Connect the chain to the other jump rings!

Step six: Measure out how far down your neck you want your necklace to sit. Being as this is a “collar” necklace, you don’t want to to sit too far down. And cut the chain according, but re-attach the clasps to the ends.

And voila! You have yourself a leather collar necklace —so simple! These look amazing over top sweaters! The great thing about DIY’s is that you can customize your own however you like! Add studs, cut out different shapes, layer colours, so many different options!

Love xoxo