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The most important step to a 5 minute Friday hair tutorial, is healthy hair! Especially if you have long hair, or are trying to grow yours out, there’s nothing worse than straggly dead ends. Trust me, I have had my fair share. And really the only real cure is getting trims. constantly! But after you trim off those dead ends, the best way to prevent them is oil!! Especially Argan oil. I’m currently using Milk shake’s organic argan oil that I bought from Chatters (Moroccan oil is also a top notch product!). You only need a dime size drop, and it takes less than a minute to work into your hair — starting from your ends and working your way up — after a shower. The next thing you need, is a protectant from all the hot tools from drying out and damaging your hair! I use Joico’s Thermal foam, it’s a thermal protector that also gives me a bit of volume. I also use Sebatian’s Trilliance Shine before I use a flat iron.

Love xoxo