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We’re still around and kickin’! Sometimes life catches up with us, but we’re still here to share our fashion tips with you!

I always love wearing an article of clothing a million different ways. Last week I was hanging out with some friends during the day followed by a charity event in the evening. I didn’t have time to go home in between, so I picked an outfit I could wear all day. During the day, I wore a short crop top over this Forever 21 dress with a pair of flat sandals. And when evening came, I took off the top, jewelled it up and threw on a pair of red heels. None of my friends believed it was the same dress that I was wearing earlier. Amazing how accessories can change the whole look! Best plan ever, when you are short on time!!!

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Shirt Winners | Sandles Aldo | Bracelet Aldo

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Dress forever 21 | Shoes Nine West  | Necklace Aldo | Purse H&M

Love xoxo