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As I’m uploading these photos, I’m trying to figure out what to say about these outfits. Really it’s just what I wear everyday — sweet and simple. I like to think I dress with one object in mind that I want to stand out, and base my outfit on that. Today, I went with my red shoes that I adore, paring it with my old granny sweater (as my friend calls it) and cherry blossom skirt to go for the full “red” theme. The next outfit, I really wanted to showcase a new necklace I bought from Forever 21. I’m so drawn to triangles these days it’s nuts. Anyways, to make sure the necklace stood out, I wore a very plain simple long white tee (that has a wicked gold zipper in the back) and a pair of tights. Something toned down in order for what I want to be seen first, IS seen first! I think a necklace is a great centerpiece for any outfit!

I think the moral of this post is, even thought the “t-shirt” is what is the same in both outfits, it’s not the stand-out part to either. I’ve used it to make other features of my outfits pop!

02272013_1 02272013 02272013_2 02272013_3 02272013_4 Shirt Dex | Tights Aldo | Purse Forever 21 | Necklace Forever 21 | Bangle Forever 21 02272013_6 02272013_7  02272013_9Sweater Scotland | Shirt Dex | Skirt Forever 21 | Shoes Aldo | Purse Nasty Gal

Love xoxo